Recent Exhibitions

  • Re: Form

    Re: Form

    A showcase of Artists’ working in all 3D media including sculpture, installation, and conceptual.

    • Wall hangings (textiles, textural paintings or 3D collage work)
    • Sculptures
    • Installation, Video work–if object based
    • Paintings with 3D elements

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  • Leaving the JAX

    Leaving the JAX

    The JAX Project presents a few of the artists who have made this building their creative space the last 25 years. Over 175 years of artist-time in this group alone. In addition, some of the much-loved building elements have also been preserved.

    Each artist received all digital photo files of their studio to use as they wish.

    This exhibit occurred when ‘The Show’ Art Gallery asked for some prints for the last Art crawl at the JAX. in the future we hope to find a place to archive the hundreds of digital files.

    Thank you to the artists and to the building owners who made this a place for art. As the individual seeds disperse we will be watching for the new green shoots wherever they appear.

    Barbara Dodge, photographer

  • Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.

    — Edward de Bono