Display Your Art at Showing with the Saints – Copy – Copy

Thank you for your interest in displaying your art with us at the Saint Paul Saints. Please fill out the form below:

Step 1: Apply for Your Art Showing

    Step 2: Submit Optional Donation

    Suggested donation per game is $25, $35 $50 

    Terms and conditions of Showing with the Saints

    Artists will be provided with:

    1. An five foot table and a grid wall system on which to display your art. A black spandex table cover is provided, but artists may also bring their own table cloth or other cover to enhance their display.
    2. A pillar with attached gridwall system measuring approximately 4’ x 5’ on two sides and 2’x 4’ on the front side. Please bring your own hanging items. Please also bring your own s-hooks or other hardware. No hanging supplies are provided.
    3. Artists need to provide their own sign with name and art medium to display. An announcement will be paid during the game letting the fans know there are local artists in Andy’s Gallery.


    • Andys gallery is under a roof and is half open to the elements. Be prepared to protect your artwork from the elements if necessary. Wind is an issue. All artwork must be displayed on the provided walls and table. No tents are allowed. Additional grid walls, racks or easels are allowed but should be confirmed first by the The Show Art Coordinator, Katie Palmer. Artist understands that no additional display systems will be provided by Andy’s Gallery or CHS Field.
    • Artist understands the artist is responsible for all installation of artwork as well as the removal of the artwork. Artist understands art set up is to be completed two hours ahead of game time. (5pm for 7pm games, 3pm for 5pm games, noon for 2pm games). Artist understands if they cannot be set up at designated time, they should call or text Katie Palmer as soon as they know so she can find replacement artist or pull table. Tables will be pulled 1/2 hour before game time if artist doesn’t show, call or text.
    • Andy’s Gallery or CHS Field is not able to provide a cart or any other form of transport device for art work. Please bring your own dolly, cart, wagon etc.
    • Artists may pull their vehicle up to the side of the road by the dog park near 5th and Broadway (slightly north of the main entrance), but this is not a parking space. The vehicle must be moved promptly.
    • Artists gain entry by speaking with the gate attendant and identifying themselves. After entering the ballpark the Artists then proceed to Fan Services to introduce themselves on the way to the Andy’s Gallery to set up.
    • Artist agrees to exhibit work appropriate for a public space. Questionable artwork will be discussed with the The Show Art Coordinator, Katie Palmer prior to the date of installation. Artist understands The Show Nonprofit maintains the right to request artwork deemed inappropriate to be removed from the exhibition. Keep in mind this is a family venue and kids are present.
    • Artists agrees that their art is an original and follows all copyright and trademark regulations.
    • Artists or any individual under the control of the Artist are required and expected to handle all sales or exchanges regarding the artwork or property of the Artist.
    • The Show Nonprofit and the Saints are not liable for any lost or stolen items or damages to items controlled by the Artist or others under the control of the Artist.
    • Andy’s Gallery is an outdoor space subject to any and all weather concerns.
    • Artist understands that Andy’s Gallery will not require a fee or apply a commission on any sales.
    • Artist agrees to provide own transportation of artwork to to Andy’s Gallery within CHS Field.
    • Artist will be able to enter the ballpark at the front entrance at the far left gate. There is no parking location that will be provided to the Artist. Artist will be provided with two free admissions to the game. A support person to assist with setup, take-down, and monitoring of the exhibit. The Artist is responsible for the behavior of the support person.
    • By checking the box above and submitting this form constitutes acceptance of the agreement:
      • The Artist agrees to all expectations of Andy’s Gallery and CHS Field and understands the role of Andy’s Gallery in the commencement of the Exhibition. The Show Nonprofit has no liability nor is it a party in this agreement. The Artist agrees to review and abide by the supplemental game day information provided.

    Have a great show!

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