The Show MarketPlace Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A)

  1. Can I search for an artist by name?
    • Yes, go to the search feature in the MarketPlace and type in the artist’s first and last name. Click “Search”.
  2. How can my friends and family find my art when going to the Show Marketplace?
    • Friends and family can find your art by typing your name into the search feature. Click “Search”.
  3. Can I choose more than one type of art form for my profile?
    • Yes, you can have a variety of art forms in your Marketplace profile, up to a total of 10 images.
  4. Can I have more than one email listed to be notified when someone inquires about my art?
    • Yes, you can have two emails listed for inquiries, questions, and sales.
  5. How do I make a change to my profile or art?
    • To make changes, go to the website. Click on the tab located at the top left side, “Show your Art”. Click on Step #3 “Make changes to your art work or profile”. For help email us at: Info@theshowartgallery.org.
  6. How do I know if my upload worked?
    • After submitting the profile and/or art upload, you will receive notice on the website saying “Congratulations, your submission has been received”.
  7. Do I need to charge sales tax?
    • Yes, you will need to charge sales tax.
  8. How will I get paid for my art?
    • How you get paid for your artwork is up to you. You will make individual arrangements with the buyer via email.
  9. How will I know if someone buys my art?
    • All sales go through you. You will receive an email from a buyer who wants to purchase your art.
  10. How will the person who buys my art get the art?
    • Delivery of artwork is up to you. You will make individual arrangements with the buyer via email.
  11. Does The Show non-profit take a portion of my sale?
    • No, The Show does not take any money from your art sales.
  12. How does The Show non-profit make money?
    • The Show makes money through donations, grants, and sponsorships.
  13. What do I do if I want to remove a piece of art from my profile?
    • To remove art from your shop, go to the “Show my Art” tab located at the top left side of the website. Click on “Show my Art”. Three choices will appear, choose “Step 3 Make changes”. Fill in the information and send it to us, and we will remove the art. For help email us at: Info@theshowartgallery.org.
  14. Do I need to contact The Show Marketplace when I sell a piece of art?
    • Yes, we would love to hear about your sales. We would be happy to update your profile by adding “sold” to your art or remove it from your profile, just let us know.
  15. Do I need to remove my art from my profile once I sell it?
    • It’s up to you; you can ask us to remove your sold art from your shop or ask us to add “Sold” to the description.
  16. Can I sell my art on the Marketplace and through my day program?
    • Yes, you may choose to sell your art in both places. Please include an email for your day program in your profile.
  17. Do I need to send proof of my disability to participate in The Show MarketPlace?
    • No, proof of disability is not required.
  18. If I make my art at a day program, can I share their logo with my art?
    • Yes, it’s your choice to include a logo of the day program that you attend.
  19. I have a question but I’m not sure how to ask it. Can someone call me to help?