The Show is a Twin Cities nonprofit that seeks to create accessibility in the arts, and to promote and unite artists of all abilities. Through collaboration with local businesses, arts organizations and artists we create opportunities for artists to share and sell their art.

Our Story

Winna Bernard, an artist, social worker, and President of The Show was inspired to create an accessible art space after seeing beautiful pieces of artwork created by artists with disabilities not being represented in art galleries or gift shops in the Twin Cities. In collaboration with MSS the dream of having an art gallery became a reality and the Show Gallery in Lowertown showed the work of over 250 artists.  And many sold their art.

The Show non-profit has supported artists from all walks of life and will continue to do so. While the gallery in Lowertown has closed the commitment to support artists of all abilities in sharing their art and selling it is still strong. In 2021 artists will have the opportunity to show their art all over the Twin Cities.

The Show Nonprofit


Winna Bernard, Founder, The Show Non Profit

Tara Tieso, Volunteer Coordinator/Board Member, The Show Non Profit